Our Mission Statement

Yoga Life isn’t about being able to touch your toes. You don’t have to hug trees or eat lentils and chi seeds to join the club. Yoga Life isn’t a collection of gurus and teachers it’s a family, a community and a gang. Our members don’t “go” to Yoga Life they ARE Yoga Life and Yoga Life wants you too.
Yoga Life is about rediscovering YOU. Reconnecting with the person behind the 2 kids, the workaholic, the perfect cook or the super friend who is always there for everyone with a shoulder to cry on and a glass of red wine or a beer. The person behind that amazing plate spinning artist that you have become can be found on the mat. For every moment you are with us you peel back another layer & you take off another garment of life’s stresses until all that’s left is YOU.
In amongst all the sweat, the heat, the bending and breathing you will find absolute bliss & peace. That’s Yoga Life. Peace, Bliss, Love, Happiness. It’s about gifting time for you. It’s letting go of the past & not waiting for the future, but instead enjoying this moment.
You will get stronger, you will become more flexible, you will laugh and smile and yes you will fall over trying to stand on your head, everyone does, but you will get right back up again. Better than all this is our promise…you will leave our little oasis as the absolute best version of you and ready to take on the world.


In 2017 we took the keys to an empty & broken down former shop and turned it into Altrincham’s first Hot Yoga studio. Rania Fawaz, one of Yogalife’s most loved teachers, became the Altrincham studio director and joined Yogalife owners Stuart Pilkington & Gareth Caple in creating the beautiful space we all enjoy today.

The studio quickly became a hub for those wanting to find a space that offers an oasis from the pace of day to day life. The intention of Yogalife has always been to bring people together in a positive environment where they can connect & share experiences.

The Yogalife team are incredibly proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time & with exciting new projects on the horizon their drive is to continue to evolve and grow with the Altrincham community.

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